RUBLOC Trisolator is a double pad system with an internal damping mat. The external sheets are hard and the internal is a soft elastomer mat which have spherical damping profiles which increase the vibration insulation capacity. The total height of the Trisolator is 28 mm. There is a hard, soft and ultra soft type.

Ultra soft type
passive insulation:
Identical applications as the soft type but for light-weight equipment for which the horizontal stability level is less important. Passive insulation of laboratory instruments, optical and electrical devices, light computers, recorders, etc.

Soft type
passive insulation:
Protection against environmental vibration of laboratory equipment, weighing machines, measuring equipment of watch manufacturing and optical industry, electronic cabins, instrument of recording studios, small computers, etc.

active insulation:
Insulation of printers, loud-speakers, office-paper chrushing machines, light-weight motors and pumps (air conditioning equipment), electrical transformers, etc.

Hard type
active insulation:
Insulation of lathes, compressors, pumps, motors, turbines, electro-transformers, air conditioning equipment, elevator motors, grinders, sharpening machines, drilling-, riveting-, cutting machines, jigsaws, ventialtors, blowing machines, power stations, woodworking machines, planing machines, printing units, refrigerator equipment, calendaring-, injection machines, textile winding machines, heavy computers, etc.

Rubloc - Trisolator
RUBLOC - Trisolator


The RUBLOC Trisolator is easy to cut to desired shape. A knife can be used to shape the softer once but for the harder types a power saw must be used.