DLM sheet is a construction material that will damp structure borne vibrations and heavily reduce the radiated noise. It is constructed from two sheets of metal and an intermediate viscoelastic layer. The intermediate viscoelastic layer is giving good strength and fatigue resistance. The DLM sheet can be handled in the same way as standard sheet metal when it comes to cutting and It is also possible to bend the sheet but the radius should not be too small, at least two times the sheet thickness. The bonding of the DLM sheets can be done with rivets or screws but it can also be welded. The DLM sheet can be used in many application as seen in the table below and is a very versatile construction material. The sheets can be applied as wall panel and then give a highly improved transmission loss or as seen below a floating floor construction.

Floating floors in ships, yacht and oil platforms.
Building industry:
Floating floors, double wall constructions and ventilations
Vehicle & Machines:
Busses, trucks, trains, various machines and kitchen utility machines.

The floating floor construction consists of a mineral wool slab that act as a decoupler and on top the DLM sheet. This makes a significant reduction of the vibrations on the top of the metal surface but also decreasing the noise radiation. The floating floor can also be combined with other deck treatments to further improve acoustic properties of the construction. Examples of combinations can be to first treat the deck with PUD 20 or DLV 1000 together with a concrete constraining layer.