The water based one component damping glue DLV 2000 is a viscoelastic glue optimized to be used in wood constructions. Stiff materials like plywood and chipboard that are commonly used in floor construction has a very low loss factor and this will make the noise and vibrations to propagate throughout the building. By introducing the viscoelastic damping glue DLV 2000 the loss factor can be raised by a factor of 20. This leads to greatly reduce the noise radiated and will improve the environment in the building.

Sandwich construction with plywood and DLV 2000 glue

Structural damping:
Structural damping of floors in bus and rail vehicles
Impact damping:
Impact damping of floors and stages and walls in concert halls.
Increased transmission loss:
Increased transmission loss of walls and doors.
Reduced vibration levels of steel structures and machines.
Excellent solution for loudspeaker constructions.