Vibration insulation mounts can be used for insulation of concrete rafts, insulation of machines, reduction of noise transmission and floating floors.

RUBLOC - Pad                 RUBLOC - Trisolator

By using the RUBLOC insulation pads vibrations generated by the machine are absorbed and this saves delicate instruments like computers, measurement and laboratory equipment tools from being destroyed but it also creates a more pleasant environment for the person working next to the machine. Besides this the machines length of life is increased.


When the pads are subjected to vibrations they respond by simultaneous compress and flex and the vibration energy is transformed into heat. The pads has a irregular shape and this improves the insulation properties by introducing internal wave tension into the pad. The RUBLOC vibration insulation mounts will achieve high demands on chemical resistance and fatigue. As the pad is a rubber compound an aging effect will be seen but it still have a good resistance against this so the life of the pad will be in the range of 15 to 20 years depending on the application of use.

Active insulation Passive insulation
Active isolation Passive isolation
Machine mounted on insulation pads to reduce vibration transmission through the floor.. Instrument placed on soft insulation pads to be
protected against vibrations that are transmitted through the floor.

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  RUBLOC Insulation Pad   Soft type  Active / Passive insulation
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  RUBLOC Pipe insulation   Ultra soft  Pipe and duct insulation